Right To Play alumnus Malual Bol Kiir, who fled war in South Sudan as a child and found his way to peace through the #PowerofPlay, has a message of hope for children in Right To Play programs today. For two decades, we've empowered a generation of children using play & sport to create peace in troubled places.

Malual’s childhood was torn apart in 2001 by civil war. Just seven years old, he and his family fled Sudan, leaving everything behind for an uncertain future in a northern Ugandan refugee camp. Amid the roiling chaos, Malual found solace and purpose in the camp classroom.

Right To Play's games and activities lifted his spirits and eased the anxiety he felt from having witnessed the brutalities of conflict. The blue ball games freed him to communicate without words and build trust in others. Now a law school graduate, global youth leader, influential speaker and inspirational beacon, Malual lives a very different life from the soldier’s life he could have led had a special blue ball not inspired his journey to peace.

He believes the skills an techniques that Right To Play staff will continue to implement in this extremly trying time, will help children remain resilient.

"Because you are leaders, you are champions, you’ve been through a lot. Please continue to stand, stay healthy, stay safe."

Although each of the countries we work in has its own unique context and is being impacted differently, our priorities remain the same: to keep the children and staff in our programs safe and to continue our work to protect, educate and empower these children.