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Right To Play’s “We Rise” Videos Win Global Awards

BBDO Wins Awards for Right To Play's We Rise Campaign - Photo 1

Right To Play’s “We Rise” video campaign swept The One Show Awards in New York, one of the world's most prestigious international advertising honors. The campaign took home two Gold, one Silver and two Bronze Pencils on May 6, 2019.

Striving for excellence and quality, the three-part “We Rise” video campaign was created in collaboration with BBDO Toronto and was the first step in enlightening the world about our new brand, the impact of our play-based programming and how we’re sharing the stories of the 1.9 million girls and boys we reach in our programs across 15 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America, every week.

Launched on our new website and social media platforms in November 2018, the global campaign revealed the powerful and emotional side of our work by illuminating the challenges these children face every day, such as child marriage, conflict and war, gender equality and child labour. While each video amplifies these challenges, they also celebrate the girls’ and boys’ ability to rise above their circumstances and to be empowered to succeed and thrive.

BBDO Wins Awards for Right To Play's We Rise Campaign - Photo 2

This is symbolized through each child’s ability to stand up to adversity by tapping into their personal power. Commanding and authentic, their words “we won’t stand by while the world lets us die,” strike a chord, illustrating the real-life barriers of poverty, disease and violence and how through the power of play, children can heal, learn about their rights, protect themselves and become leaders in their own lives and in their community’s.

BBDO Wins Awards for Right To Play's We Rise Campaign - Photo 3