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Webinar: Play in the Time of Crisis

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Learn through this webinar how play becomes an even more essential tool in times of confinement and provides important psycho-social support – and maybe even pick up some tips for yourself and the children in your life.

"While we play we respond and we create meaninings, which are crucial for children to understand the world." Samah Karaki

Ernie Rebustillo, Right To Play's Global Training & Capacity Building Specialist demonstrates how we have adapted our activities in the countries we work in to support families and communities during Covid-19 crisis in promoting the mental and physical health of the children and the continuation of education while they are at home.

Samah Karaki, Neuroscientist in the domains of Social and Educational Neuroscience, brings a neuroscientist perspective, speaking about the positive effects of play in relation to brain development, behavioural change, and socio-emotional skills.