The trust of our donors is our top priority. We disclose in detail how we use the funds of our donors.
You can also find all the details in our 2021 Q&A document on transparency.

The goal of all our programs is to implement locally developed, play-based programs in the areas of education, gender equality, child protection, and health. We spent a total of CAD 53,4 million on these in 2022. Administration and fundraising expenses were CAD 8.9 million in 2022, representing a program expense vs. administration/fundraising expense ratio of 85.75% vs. 14.25%.

Total revenue in 2022 was CAD 64,745,556 million. We receive our revenues from a variety of sources. Governments accounted for the largest share at 34.7% (CAD 22,469,354) and Foundations at 33.5% (CAD 21,691,480), from individuals we received 27.3% (CAD 17,662,097).

Detailed 2022 financials can be found in our annual report here.

Example of program expenses in Ghana


Right To Play is active with a variety of programs in 15 countries where we maintain our own program offices. Costs vary by program and depend on objectives, partners and project phases, among other factors.

The example shows the costs incurred within one year for a program in Ghana. This is a program that is scheduled to run for five years. The aim is to give girls in particular access to education and to support teachers in positively influencing the learning experiences of their students.

For more information, see our Q&A document on transparency.


Only through well-functioning administration can we raise enough funds to implement projects that make a difference and secure long-term support. Transparent reporting on program activities and impact measurement results are as much a part of the important functions of fundraising and administration as attracting new financial resources. Professionalism is essential in all areas. Only through demonstrably effective programs on the one hand, and correspondingly high-quality and transparent reporting on the other, can we work with strategic partners such as governments, development ministries and global foundations in the long term.

The staff in our program countries are professionally trained specialists with profound knowledge in project management or game-based learning. We work with experts to provide the best and most effective support to children. It is important to us that we compensate our employees worldwide accordingly and pay them fairly.