Play at Home: Pantomime

Thailand Girls Running

This is a interactive game to learn recognising emotions!

Right To Play Coach, Zainab from Lebanon plays Pantomime with her nieces, Reina and Tala who enjoy acting out their favourite characters. Check out Zainab's game tutorial video above and give the game a go!

  • Goal of the game: Recognize what other people are feeling by learning how they express emotions.
  • Ages: suitable for all ages
  • What You Need: 2 or more players

How to Play

  1. Let the players dance around the room.
  2. Call out a situation or action with an emotion.
    Some suggestions are:
    Weather - Dance happily in the sun
    Animals - Waddle like a nervous duck
    Objects - Play an instrument excitedly
  3. The players act it out.

At Right To Play, we use play to teach important life lessons and skills in ways that engage children and youth of all ages. All our games include a Reflect-Connect-Apply (RCA) section that reinforces the lesson or skill that the game is designed to teach through a guided discussion with the participants.
What emotion was hardest to act out?
Why did you choose the action you did?

Download Game PDF here