Déborah Carlson-Burkart

Independent Board of Directors

Déborah Carlson-Burkart has been an honorary board member of Right To Play Switzerland since 2021. Déborah Carlson-Burkart, LL.M., is an independent board member of Alstom Network, RUAG International and the Visana Group, among others. She is also a trustee of various international foundations. She studied at the University of Zurich. After passing the bar exam, she completed a Master's degree in international financial law in the USA (LL.M.) and began her career with an international software group in the USA. Déborah then moved to the French group Alstom and the private bank Rotschild (Trust), where she respectively was a member of the Executive Board as General Counsel for Switzerland. She has extensive experience in the areas of legal, compliance and corporate governance. Today, Déborah is an independent, certified board member and guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen in the area of Corporate Governance / Compliance. Déborah is a mother of sons and a keen sportswoman.